New Situation

Lately my heart has been contemplating the plight of children dealing with disease.  I have a specific burden for children who have to undergo treatment that causes their hair to fall out.  It is heartbreaking to imagine what they must face and how they must feel.

As a sock doll designer, I have often thought “how beautiful the dolls are” before I add their hair. IMG_8360-001The thought crossed my mind one day… “I should make hair free dolls for the children’s hospital’s Leukemia Ward”.  So I talked with my friend, who works in a local hospital and she found me a contact who would be thrilled to distribute my dolls to the children.  I am excited to be working on my first line of hair free dolls.


My first two hair free dollsHere is what I have designed so far

Hair free angel

Hair free angel








Pretty in Pink

When I began posting photos of my hair free dolls I was approached by a friend. She knew a boy who had recently lost his hair due to chemo. So this little boy was the first to receive a hair free sock doll.

This hair free doll for friend of a friend's son

Meet the boy who loves blue.  P is his favourite letter.

Hopefully having a matching friend to cuddle will bring comfort to the children who are hair free.


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