The thrill of something new


Scrapbooking my early years was very theraputic


Trying  new crafts is one of my favourite activities. A few years ago I entered into the world of scrapbooking.  The different papers reminded me of fabrics.  I enjoyed adding all of the ornamentation, hand and machine stitching onto paper. I have the goal of finishing my scrapbook (one day).



I have always appreciated crochet.  I have a friend who crochets proficiently, but my MIL is my authority in this area.  She is amazingly talented with any sort of needle.  Her talents were learnt at her grandmother’s knee.  The idea of developing skills to pass down to the next generation really appeals to me.  When it came to crochet, I love the product… but I found counting whilst stitching, didn’t agree with me.  In a perfect world, I would make all of the girls in my life little purses. I love the ones Heartatag sells on Etsy.  I made one similar.  I take my hat off to those who are talented in this craft.  Unfortunately it isn’t for me.

Heartattag on Etsy



My green spotted macaron ring holder

 Japanese Crafts

Pinterest is really helping the spread of crafts from around the world.  I have a particular fondness for the Japanese crafts. I found a beautiful Macaron Coin Purse.  My Husband spent a few minutes searching online and found a blog called Craft Passion, that gives a tutorial on how to make it.


I love fabric with words, this one has a great collection of nouns








 Dreams for Tomorrow

I have a board on Pinterest, for all the crafts I dream of doing.  I call it, “Things I want to do someday” For right now, my Sock Doll shop on Etsy is keeping me very busy.  I have added a Polar Bear, a Koala, a Dinosaur and a new Penguin this week. If you have time, please stop by and visit me there.

NEW DESIGN Polar Bear... now in store

NEW DESIGN Polar Bear… now in store

Holiday Fun

I have managed to find time this school holidays to put together a quilt top for my son.  In our family, we love flannel quilts in winter.  My good friend (the one who likes to crochet) is going to quilt it for me on the long arm.

Take care and stay warm


Corwin's Flannel Quilt Top

Corwin’s Flannel Quilt Top

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