Internet Owl – Free pattern and tutorial

As mentioned in my last post, my journey started with a search for owl softies. This is the one I designed.

Introducing “Internet Owl”



Fabrics, I used patchwork, wool, suede and felt

Threads in matching colours

Needles for hand stitching and applique

Sewing machine

Sandpaper A4 sized

Sharp pencil




Fabulon or starch spray

Cardboard for applique template


Pattern (3 pages)

Please note: pattern line is the sewing line, not the cutting line.  I add 1/4″ when cutting out.












To begin, select the fabrics you want to use for each part of the owl.  I chose a green body and wings with a purple tum, shorts and feet.

Print out at A4 page size the three pattern pages and cut out your pattern.

Now, as in picture lay your fabric face down on the sandpaper and begin to trace your pattern pieces.  Remember to leave a seam allowance of a 1/4″.




Do this for all your pieces except for the heart and eyes as they are slightly different.

For the heart, just cut you fabric bigger than the pattern as shown in photo.

For the eyes, cut them to size ( no seam allowance).  I used a 20 cent piece for the middle eye and a 5 cent piece for the inner eye.  Sometimes it is easier to trace a perfect circle with a hard object.

For the wings, I traced 2 mirror image, and placed on fold.  I sew these before I cut them out.  The same with feet and shorts.


When making an applique piece I use cardboard. First, I tack the fabric on and trim  it to have a 1/4″ seam allowance. If the piece has any round/curve sections I use a gather stitch to make them hug the curve tightly.  This is  secured at the start and finish of curve.  As shown in this picture.





At a point I fold the fabric over as shown.  This gives a beautifully sharp point.







This the heart piece nearly finished.

When you have finished, take the piece and spray it with Fabulon and iron it fabric side up with a warm to hot iron.

I like steam too.




Whilst your iron is on, you can iron your face piece.

I clip the curves along the chin, then I use  the iron to iron along the traced line.

As shown here.





Now pin the Internet Owl’s face on to his chest, as shown.







Now stitch the two parts together, stitching very closely to the edge.







Now cut you stitching  and slip the cardboard out carefully, so as to keep the heart shape.






Pin and tack the heart in place.  I use the stripes to get it straight.







I used an invisible applique stitch.

If you are not confident with hand applique, you could always use vliesofix fusible webbing paper.  This is what I call “stick on” applique.  It just requires an iron and a good amount of glad bake to protect your iron and ironing board from the hot glue.If you use stick on, then sew around your heart with a blanket stitch to stop it coming off.



With the eyes, I sew 3-4 stitches and then, with the needle down, pick  up the foot to turn the fabric.  I find this make a nice even circle.

Sewing in a similar colour thread also hides a multitude of errors in the curve.





This one is done.  Now clip your threads nice and close.  I go backwards and forwards a stitch or two at beginning and end.






I place all the eyes on to get a feel for the expression I want.  Then I add the next level with the same repeated step as the first.






The next step is to attach the pupils.







Now I join the three parts of Internet Owl’s legs together.  Then I pin both sides together.

I don’t trace the pattern on both sides.  I do make sure that the back is slightly bigger than the front, so that I can easily sew them together.





Now after you’ve sewn them, clip them very closely.  This means you need to deal very gently with them when you turn them inside out or you will go through the seam and have to start again.

Make sure to clip up between his toes, so that they turn nicely.






Now turn Internet Owl’s legs with a chopstick.  Making sure his toes are nice and smooth, without points.






Next, stuff his legs.  Leave them a little less stuffed at the top, so that you can stitch them onto his body.






Now pin your legs in place and sew them onto the front with tacking stitch on your machine.  This just holds them in place for the final construction step.  I make sure I sew outside the sewing line, in the seam allowance, so that this seam doesn’t get seen or need unpicking later.





Now pin your owl together.  I leave a small (1 1/2″) opening on one side to turn him and stuff him from.

Stitch him together slowly.  Follow your pencil line as closely as possible.





Once I have sewn him.  I check all the stitching for puckers and places I might not have caught both sides.  I even half turn him to check the legs are sewn in properly.

Then I clip along his head and cut back around his ears to avoid bulk.

Now you turn him and stuff him, starting with his ears and head.  Then you need to stitch him up.




Lastly I stitch around the wings leaving a small opening to turn them.  I fill the top smaller wings with a small amount of stuffing.  Then sew up the opening.  Next attach both wings, with a strong securing stitch…. a number of times to make sure they won’t come off.





Congratulations!!! You have now made your own Internet Owl.







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12 thoughts on “Internet Owl – Free pattern and tutorial

  1. Wow, I love him. I can just see a blue and white one sitting on my bed next the doll you made for me and the teddy that Jennie embroidered. Soon there won’t be room for me. Go Miriam, go! Love always, Gurumum

  2. Love the owl pattern and instuctions are very easy to follow, cant wait to have a chance to make one 🙂

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