Felt Addiction

Working with felt has been a new passion for me.  I ordered some beautiful wool felt from The Raspberry Rabbits and I have enjoyed looking for new ways to use it.

My first project for my new wool felt came from The book Quilt a Gift by Barri Sue Gaudet of Bareroots It is a beautiful Advent Calendar.

I have to confess that I tend not to duplicate other artist’s work, so I made some changes and put in a few Christmas characters of my own.  I also adjusted the size so that the finished item fit nicely on my lounge room door.  Thank you to Barri Sue, I love your work.

I found some really cute baby shoes and decided to try them next.




I loved creating them and they became very addictive to make.

I can’t find the site that I found them on, but the originals were for making bunny slippers and I adapted them.

Felt is so flexible and can be used in lots of contexts.


My latest felt adventure has involved my box of old jeans being up-
cycled into a backdrops for embroidered felt.

IMG_8790 I have some friends getting married in October and I thought a framed denim felt embroidery would make a beautiful handmade gift for them.  Pinterest was great for helping me find images that might work for this one.  I pinned a board of images on my Pinterest account called Love Birds .



A new store opened up in my neighbourhood and I couldn’t wait to visit it.  It is called Unravelled Textiles and the good news is that they sell the most delicious wool felt that has been hand dyed.  They have some of the most amazing items for sale.  It is worth a visit if you are in Sydney, Australia.

I am currently working on something new which involves felt… but you’ll have to watch this space, as it is not ready to be released yet.






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